Join us for a very special retreat to a sacred site.

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If you are familiar with Hawkins Map of Consciousness Scale you will know that higher vibration energies have a big impact on our bodies, emotions and thoughts.
This space has areas that vibrate at 600 and the water has been tested to 900 on the scale of Consciousness and people often fill bottes of the water to take home.

Consider that most big cities vibrate at between 50 and 200 and very few up to 300, you can imagine what it would be like to visit a site that carries healing and peaceful vibrational energies.

Although there is more to this place

For some time now I have been studying the vibrational frequencies of people, events, books, sites, words etc.

You might be familiar with Wasaru Emoto’s work: “Message from Water” where he freezes water with specific intentions and taking a photo of the water particle which reveals various shapes like this one. The low vibration symbols do not look anything close this.


The water in the place where we are going was checked by Dr Emoto and it came back with a beautiful hexagonal shape. It was alive.

On the planet today we are affected by a number of unhealthy frequencies that deplete our energy. We are slowly starting to adapt to them, but we are losing touch with the high vibrational frequencies and natural planetary frequencies which affect our ability to connect to ourselves, our souls and our true nature.

These are:

Harmful cosmic radiation - when we are outside we are affected by this radiation but at this site they are blocked because we go underground.

Natural radioactivity coming from below the ground - at this site values are 100 times lower than the minimum allowed.

Geopathic radiations - usually from water or knotts beneath the surface that cause terrible feelings and many homes are built on top of geopathic stressors which cause disturbance in your home, business and yourself - these are neutralized inside this site

Cell phone radiation - radio waves and microwave frequencies are not beneficial for us and we are constantly bombarded by them. 3g is 2.4 Ghz, 4G is 6Ghz, 5G is 60Ghz all within the unhealthy range of frequency. At the site these are eliminated.

Wifi - that now bombards us 24/7 is also eliminated at the site.

City pollution and toxicity - puts additional strain on our detoxification mechanisms and causes our lymphatic and other detox pathways to be sluggish creating space for additional illness or the inability to heal from illness.

Chemical stressors - additional everyday toxic overload to our bodies and minds

Emotional stressors - that we encounter every day by constantly reacting to our busy lives causes us to build up emotional toxicity.


These 8 harmful “stressors” make us susceptible to illness, chronic disease and blocks our ability to heal.
At this site we eradicate or significantly reduce these harmful stressors so that the body can have a break from all that work and begin to heal and rejuvenate.

In addition to the eradication of harmful frequencies we will encounter 3 beneficial phenomena:

Ultrasound: Sound frequency is 20herz - 20 Kilohertz. Above 20 Kilohertz is ultrasound. Inside the tunnels and around the area you connect to 28 Kilohertz which is the frequency of levitation - you feel light around these frequencies.

ELF (extreme low frequency) - 7.83 hertz is registered at the site. This is the original Schumann resonance and the frequency of the planet. Our brain waves function at that same frequency and this is where we have optimal brain function.
When our brain waves and the planet are in harmony we are balanced but due to all the distorted frequencies around us and noise pollution our brain waves change frequency and we are not in harmony or balance with the planet. Excess frequencies build up in the ionosphere and change the frequency of areas on the planet.
The result is excess destructive emotions building up in our fields and needing to be expressed.
A busy city has a frequency 12 and above (New York is 18 Hertz) and it causes additional stress in our brains.

Negative ions: these are extra electrons in atoms or molecules that help clear the atmosphere from dust, pollen, mold, funghi, microbes, viruses, bacteria. Homes and offices have low a concentration of Negative ions. (in homes low concentration 20-40 per square cm. In cities 100-150 per square cm, mountains and forests 1000 per sqcm, at the tunnels we find from 20,000 to 60,000 negative ions have been measured).

With a combination of all these elements we have one of the Healthiest places on the planet. Regeneration process, detoxification process and even rejuvenation process starts.

There have been testimonials from people who have gone to the tunnels that have experienced healing in sometimes extreme diseases or ailments simply by visiting the tunnels twice a day for 10 days.

We are going to the Bosnian Pyramid structures and tunnels in Bosnia.



Programme outline


  • A 5 day guided trip to the Bosnian Pyramid structures and tunnels
    Guided tours of the tunnels, pyramid structures and surrounds
  • All entrance to the tunnels and pyramid sites
  • Auric field and body stress scan - before and after
  • Day trip to Sarajevo with guided tour (an optional visit to the war museum)
  • 6 nights Accomodation 
  • Transfer to and from the airport 
  • Breakfast and supper each day
  • Group healing sessions, discussions, coaching and process facilitated by me
  • Guidance to connect to your own healing energies based on my studies of health, healing and energy
  • Guided meditation sessions
  • My personal intention is to support you to connect and align yourself with these healing energies and receive guided message for any changes or adaptations you need to make for your life.



The programme includes:

  • Belvedere, view of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, introduction to the discover.
  • Visit to the archaeological dig at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, experience
  • Oldest concrete on the Planet, five aspects of discovery: archaeological, scientific, energy, spiritual and healing.
  • Visit to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun
  • Group activation session at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun
  • Visit to Foundation’s Museum
  • Energy measurement (energy field-aura,chakras,ying yang,analysis,health status,energy reserve,balance)
  • Visit to the Underground Labyrinth Ravne (Healing Chambers) with presentation
  • Lunch in the Archaeological-tourist Park “Ravne 2” –( Lunch prepared by local woman community, fresh home-made food from gardens, organic, all-natural)
  • Tour of the Archaeological-tourist Park “Ravne 2”
  • Visit to Tumulus in Vratnica with meditation and relaxation
  • Visit to the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon
    Lunch on the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon
  • Workshops on the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon
  • Drive to Sarajevo city with lunch in one of the old restaurants with traditional Bosnian food
  • Additional meditation at Underground Labyrinth Ravne
  • You will also have free time with the choice to go to the tunnels and just be in that space.

Registration Details 

You are welcome to join this adventure and enjoy an experience at this energetic powerful space.

  • Dates: Wednesday 5 June (17:00) - Tuesday 11 June (12:00)
    - 6 Nights 
  • Fee: €1750 excluding flights
    *(for a couple or two people booking together the fee is €3200)
  • Venue: We will be staying at the Fransciscan Monastery in Visoko which is clean and comfortable basic accommodation.


If you would like to join click on the link and send me an email to confirm your place.
You are welcome to bring a friend or a partner.

We have space for 12 people on this trip.

With love




For 1 person travelling alone

  • Full retreat experience 
  • Guided tours 
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • All meals 
  • All transfers (except flights)



For 2 travelling together

  • Full retreat experience 
  • Guided tours 
  • 6 nights accommodation (shared)
  • All meals 
  • All transfers (except flights)