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Transform Your Life

Group Coaching with Matheo

The purpose of the program is to support you to transform a pattern on a fundamental level such that the foundation on which you build your future is not dependent on your past patterns and programs but on the foundation of your Essence – Being true to yourself and contribution of your gifts to the world.

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This is a non-binding strategy session where we will get CLEAR on your transformational why. The is the deeper reason that you need to identify that is causing you not to have the changes in your life that you truly want. We need to know what this is and identify why it is important to transform NOW.

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Does this sound like you?

  • You have already done a lot of personal development, therapy and transformation work and very likely a lot has changed for you..
  • BUT you feel that something is still missing and that you can be experiencing greater levels of meaning and fulfilment in your life..
  • Your tools (NLP, affirmations, goal setting, commitment, mediation, presence, visualisation, belief work, positive thinking, journaling, self-love exercises, motivation, etc)  are no longer working for you.

  • You should be experiencing greater levels of work success, financial growth, relationship joy, meaning or fulfillment.. but are not.
  • You feel stuck, unfulfilled and possibly recycling the same problems of the past and you find that a fundamental shift inside of you is still needed..

This is where the Transform Your Life program comes in.

Transform Your Life is designed as a deep dive intensive program into your mind, your beliefs, your family patterns, perceptions, unprocessed emotions, traumas and current stress than can cause your life to freeze and recycle old problems.

This process will support you to step into a space of heightened self-responsibility and governance over your own life.

Additionally, you will be introduced to principles of human behaviour that you didn’t know existed and you will learn how to apply these principles to further empower your life.

I'm Ready

"I have been supported by Matheo for a couple of months and experienced big shifts in my being. I wanted to work with Matheo since he has experience and knowledge on family systems and is a confident, light and compassionate being. I was looking for enlightened ways, however I got gratefully more grounded. The process enabled me to live more and more from essence. Awareness on belief patterns running my life and connecting with feelings were mayor learnings.  

His ability to stay present, go deep and connecting the dots is mind-blowing. I love his lightness, and sense of humor and willingness to go deeper consistently. He always took the time, that in itself was already a gift to me. I appreciated his humanness and coming from his own journey, though connecting fully with knowledge and the perspective of the other. He knows what he is doing, his ability to intellectually and spiritually come up on the spot with support ways, tools and tricks are amazing."

Annemieke van Zwol - Professional Coach and Trainer - The Netherlands

"What a process! Matheo took me by the hand, guided me to rock bottom, and even when I thought I couldn't go deeper, he showed me that I could. Rock bottom turned out to be a beautiful place of Nothingness; an empty space to build on. And that was a feeling I can't compare to anything I've ever felt before.  

The 1:1 sessions gave me insights and revealed belief patterns that I would have never come up with by myself, tucked away deeply into my subconscious, and with that o so powerful. This process showed me what is true for me and what is not. Clarity shows the way. Although it's still a bit overwhelming at times, even a while after the process, I keep going back to the material and that supports me.
The group sessions gave me the knowledge to back the process up; not only helpful, but very interesting as well! It also taught me to not judge my ego, to not make myself wrong when revealing another layer.
Matheo has a light, pure and joyful energy that is really helpful in this, for me, at times, very deep, sad and heavy process. I felt held, supported and safe while going deep and celebrated when I reached the other side.
I believe that this is a process that never ends. This material never gets old and will be applicable at any time in my life."

Annemieke Jansen – Professional Coach – The Netherlands

"The process helped me dive deep into the problems, and come up with a positive way to look at the problem, which I can apply in the future. I learned to distinguish facts from biased stories, and got to know myself a little better. More importantly, through the long weeks of diving deep onto my own fears, I discovered the power of 'Surrender' which effectively helped me understand different perspectives. 

Just by listening to stories from those lovely ladies in the group, and doing the weekly exercises, it changed me in ways that I wouldn't have imagined. I found a place within myself that is safe, I have my own back. I started to trust and love myself more!"

I went to the private sessions with questions from my personal relationships, but I walked away with tools that can be applied even to my career path. I feel very much enlightened and grateful I met Matheo, he has a cool calm, caring and loving spirit."

Tina Koutsoudis – Entrepreneur – Cyprus

Meet Your Coach

Formally trained as a Chartered Accountant, Matheo spent an immense amount of time learning and studying various disciplines in healing and human potential. He has immersed himself in diverse personal development programmes some of which he now facilitates.

He has trained over 200 consciousness coaches, has personally mentored over 30 coaches and has also trained and examined high performance transformational trainers and teams in Europe and South Africa.

He is currently writing a book on how to increase self-worth and transform feelings of unworthiness.

Matheo is taking the personal development industry to a whole new level by supporting people to find what he calls ‘your transformational why’ – the one thing that usually prevents people from getting unstuck and achieving their desires.

Get A Glimpse Into 

What You'll Learn

If you're not sure if this is the right program for you, please watch this short video to get a better understanding of my process and teachings.

I'm Ready To Transform My Life

"Before the program, it was like I had built myself on rocky foundations, which gave me the feeling there was something wrong with me that needed to be fixed. I spent a lot of time, energy and money ‘fixing’ things ‘above ground’. Whilst this helped there was still an underlying feeling of being out of balance and not fully alive. As if I had to hold things together as otherwise I’d crumble to the ground in a messy heap.

The program itself is built up in way that supported me to dive deeper into those ‘rocky’ foundations, right down into the roots of who I am, enabling me to centre myself and connect to my authenticity and truth. 

Matheo guides the process and knows how to support, challenge and get to the essence of what each individual needs. Thanks to Matheo and this program, my roots are now strong, healthy and connected allowing me to live my life, as me. Pure, simple, no-nonsense. It’s OK, I’m OK."

Mandy Wells – Professional Coach – The Netherlands

What's Included:

1-on-1 Sessions

Diving deep into the core patterns, emotions, traumas, perceptions, protection mechanisms, beliefs and family patterns that keep you from living your life.

Know Yourself Lessons

Receive my foundational course, Know Yourself, that cover 5 modules: Inner Guidance System, External Guidance System, Beliefs, Family Systems, and Levels of Consciousness

Support & Mentorship

Receive additional text support and mentoring from me outside of the sessions when you need it, during the deep work until the completion of your coaching sessions.

Now it is time to Transform YOUR life…

If you are stuck, recycling the same patterns and challenges or finding it difficult to live your life, book a call with me to discover your "Transformational Why", the ONE thing that will enable you to transform your life circumstances.

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For those who have completed the Transform Yourself Process you are welcomed to apply for personal mentorship program to your next evolved state: contribution.


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