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Wish you could go through life without faltering, making decisions easily and with confidence? 

The Know Yourself program will show you how to tap into your ability to steer your own ship in a way that’s right for you.

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It Seemed Like Everybody Else Knew Something I Didn’t

To look at me in that picture, you’d think I’ve always had it all figured out. But a year ago, that was definitely NOT my life.  

Although everything looked great from the outside, I was struggling to live my life in a way that was true to who I was and provided meaning and fulfillment.

It seemed like the things that worked for other people - people I loved and respected - never turned out that well for me. 

In fact, I often found myself thinking, “How is this my life? This isn’t what I wanted for myself.”

I felt lost and confused. I spend a lot of time trying to distract myself from the deep feelings of loneliness I had, and it left me disconnected and depressed.

I thought I was going in the right direction, but I always ended up making choices based on my fears, outdated beliefs, traumatic memories, or to avoid pain.

I was making bad choices along the way, and I lost trust in myself. My confidence shrank as my self-doubt and inner critic grew even more.

Even something as simple as choosing between two meals could become a long inner battle. It was exhausting.

There had to be a better way!

So I went searching for a solution - and there were a lot of things that claimed to be the golden ticket.

Like NLP, affirmations, goal setting, mediation, visualisation, tantra, trauma counselling, therapy, belief work, positive thinking, journaling, self-love exercises, motivation work, various healing methods, transpersonal psychology, yoga …

Every time I tried something it would work for a little while. The uncertainty and feeling of lostness would fade for a time.

But the next time I was faced with a new decision or problem … the next time I was looking for clarity and direction … it was like I had to start all over again.

I had no idea what my problem was. I felt stuck, confused and frustrated, but I covered it by trying to convince myself that everything was okay. 

After all, if I admitted everything WASN’T okay, where did that leave me? 
Maybe it was me. Maybe I just wasn’t the type of person who had the ability to have certainty and peace about his decisions.

If you can relate to any of that, I want you to know one thing right now ...

It’s NOT Your Fault 

You’re Being Fed Nothing But Partial Solutions

You’ve been doing the best you can with the information and education you have. So did your parents, your teachers, and your mentors …

... but it’s not enough.

Much of the information out there right now sounds good, but when it comes to applying it to real life, it’s too hard to figure out.

And when it comes to self-help tools, most of those are based on incomplete information or outdated models that leave us doubting ourselves when we don’t get the results we need.

There’s nothing that takes into account where you are and what you need in your life right now and presents a real solution in a way that’s clear and practical. 

You need a complete solution that

  • Stands the test of time and will work long into the future
  • Helps empower you to take back control of your life
  • Goes deeper than symptoms and addresses the REAL root of - and solution to - the issue


Until you address the root of the issue, nothing you try will provide a lasting solution. Why?

Because the root of it all is YOU. The reason you’re struggling is because you don’t know yourself well enough yet. 

Everything you need to make confident decisions and experience peace and fulfillment by following the right path for your life is already WITHIN you.

The problem is, there are beliefs, misperceptions and defense mechanisms hiding inside your psyche that prevent you from knowing you. 

And sometimes the people in our lives don’t understand either. Ever been told to ignore your feelings so you can operate solely on facts? 

That’s wrong! Your thoughts and emotions are there to guide you, not to be changed or avoided. 

These thoughts and emotions make up what I call your Inner Guidance System.

Knowing and understanding your Inner Guidance System is the key to being able to become a confident decision maker with power over your own life.

Time To Get To Know YOU

Until you really get to know yourself and can read what’s going on inside your body and your mind, you can’t really know if you’re making the right choices for you.

It’s no wonder learning all kinds of strategies and meditations and going to therapy and reading books hasn’t helped! 

None of the books teach you how to get to know the deeper YOU - the you that’s beyond your personality and character, past your personality and character. 

It’s time to start shattering the old, faulty personal development myths that have you trapped and tap into your Inner Guidance System.

What Is Your Inner Guidance System?

Your Internal Guidance System is the feedback your body and mind responds with when you’re presented with information from your external environment.

For most people, their Internal Guidance System operates automatically, without them even being conscious of the feedback they’re getting.  

They don’t know themselves well enough to tap into their Inner Guidance System.

When you learn what that feedback looks like and remove what is in the way of connecting you to your inner guidance system, you can begin to actively apply it to your life.


When you finally understand the purpose of the negative thoughts and emotions that everyone experiences, you’ll be able to guide your life by what is true for you. 

👉 Goodbye confusion and self doubt! 

👉 Time to stop doing too many practices and that never create results 

👉 No more judging and beating yourself down for not getting things right  

But HOW do you learn how to recognize and follow your Inner Guidance System?

I’ve spent the last 10 years diving into principles and teachings that have stood the test of time, and I’ve recorded everything I learned in my new Know Yourself Teachings.




Introducing the Know Yourself Teachings

The Know Yourself Teachings is an 8-week, self-led program that helps people better understand the basic fundamentals of how life works and uncovers some of the hidden mechanics that influence our everyday actions and decisions.

This program will equip you with the tools and skill sets you need to take back control and become the decision maker with ultimate responsibility over your life.

Know Yourself is designed to bring an end to spiritual confusion. You’ll gain clarity about the big picture and why certain things happen, and you’ll be able to stop blaming yourself for not meeting unrealistic expectations based on misleading or incomplete information. 

This program walks you step-by-step through: 


What the Inner Guidance System is, how it works and how to use it to guide your life


The truth about thoughts, emotions and beliefs, and why most people are misguided


How beliefs are formed and how they influence your decisions, actions and results


​​The danger of using positive thinking approaches and what to do instead


How generational family patterns influence our lives and how you can break the patterns and transform them


Why most people don't transform and why YOU can

Here’s What’s Included ...

Know Yourself Video Trainings                                                 (360 Value)

Dive into the 10 video modules with me, Matheo Galatis, stored inside a private membership area. Videos will be available 24/7, and you get lifetime access, so you can watch the trainings when it fits your schedule best. We’ll cover:

Lesson 1: Your Inner Guidance System (2 Videos)

In Lesson 1, I teach what your inner guidance system is and how it works. You’ll learn how to use your thoughts and emotions to manifest your true desires and develop an unquestionable intuition that fills you with confidence. I’ll walk you through a practical step-by-step process to connect to your inner guidance system and show you how to make decisions using your inner guidance system - and so much more!

Lesson 2: Your External Guidance System (2 Videos)

Lesson 2 reveals what your external guidance system is and how it works. I’ll show you what happens when you don’t guide your life by your own inner guidance system. I’ll also give you tools and strategies you can use to take control over your life and not be influenced by others. I’ll also give you my three-step process on how to deal with reactions from the outside world and so much more!

Lesson 3: Beliefs (2 Videos)

What do we do with the beliefs we have, and how do they impact our lives? That’s what we’ll cover in Lesson 3. You’ll learn all about beliefs - where they come from, how they benefit you, and what the purpose of beliefs are. I’m going to show you the science behind thoughts and emotions, one thing you can do to transform beliefs, and how to stop creating recycled problems in your life. There’s so much more in this lesson, including a session where I coach 3 participants simultaneously on how to identify their belief systems, and I can’t wait for you to see it!

Lesson 4: Family Systems (2 Videos)

Family systems are powerful. In Lesson 4, I’ll show you how to avoid taking on the burdens of your parents (and passing your burdens to your kids). I’ll also teach you about the foundations that must be acknowledged in order to avoid creating disturbances in a family

system. We’ll talk about the consequences of denying our family lineage, how love and loyalty to the family system can cause a disturbance, and how to receive the momentum from your family so that you can fulfill your purpose and so much more!

Bonus Lesson: Levels of Consciousness (2 Videos) €90 Value

In this bonus lesson, I’ll introduce you to David Hawkins Map of Consciousness and show you how to identify your level of consciousness and avoid getting stuck there. I’ll also show you why most self-development programs limit your progress and how to create your life on the level of essence so you can truly transform lead into gold in your life.

Know Yourself Digital Workbook                                               (29 Value)

The downloadable course workbook is yours to keep and includes outlines of the course material as well as short exercises to help you put into practice what you’re learning.

Total Value €479  

Get the full teachings for €129

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

It is important for me that my work brings you value for your investment. That’s why I offer a risk-free 30-day guarantee. Enjoy the lessons for 30 days. If you feel you do not receive the value promised, request a full refund and I will gladly provide. I want people that use my work to say "thank you". If you can't find yourself saying "thank you" for this product, please request a refund.

About Matheo

Formally trained as a Chartered Accountant, Matheo spent an immense amount of time learning and studying various disciplines in healing and human potential. He has immersed himself in diverse personal development programmes some of which he now facilitates.

He has trained over 200 consciousness coaches, has personally mentored over 30 coaches and has also trained and examined high performance transformational trainers and teams in Europe and South Africa.

He is currently writing a book on how to increase self-worth and transform feelings of unworthiness.

Matheo is taking the personal development industry to a whole new level by supporting people to find what he calls ‘your transformational why’ – the one thing that usually prevents people from getting unstuck and achieving their desires.

Worldwide Praise For Know Yourself

“I have found tremendous value in the Know Yourself lessons from Matheos Galatis. Trying to survive and thrive in a chaotic, noisy world can easily make one lose one’s emotional balance. The process of getting to know yourself, dissolving emotional blockages and breaking negative patterns, is critical if we wish to transcend to a place of inner peace and find our core Stillness. It is only from this core place of Stillness within ourselves that we can live truly fulfilling lives, no matter what life throws at us. 

Matheos has managed successfully to identify, understand and unpack this process and its meaning. I find his approach to such an elusive concept, simple and practical. I always look forward to his posts and continue to attach value to his teachings.” 

- Zenia Barnard, PhD - South Africa

“I am very grateful that your Know Yourself lessons were eye opening and have given me another perspective on life. You helped me accept and honour the behaviour of others in my past. Your patient and articulate manner was so warming and welcoming, this instilled a sense of trust in your intention to help us grow on our individual journeys. Thank you.”

-Linda Patsalides - United Kingdom

“What’s more important nowadays than knowing who we are? How are we wired and what drives us? Those are the questions which led me to Matheo. His lessons on Know Yourself have tremendous value. He helped me see inside of me and seek answers inside my soul. 

I’ve become more aware of my desires, my wishes and my behavioral patterns. The more aware I become, the more power I have to transform my life. Isn’t it great?

There is still a lot of work to be done, but the inner guidance system will help me. Unlocking our heart’s desires is the key to a happy life. Thank you, Matheos, for the work you do! Thank you for helping your listeners connect to ourselves!”

Anna Verner - Moscow, Russia

“I always enjoy listening to what Mattheos has to share and it always inspires me to reflect often in a new or in a long forgotten way about important aspects of life.”

Karina Iskhakova - United Kingdom

“Matheo’s “Know Yourself” sessions have been a refreshing, imaginative and insightful way to move into my weekend. Matheo’s unique approach to personal development topics comes alive in the “Know Yourself” space and regularly leads me into deeply personal and intuitive experiences that help me navigate troubling or superficial emotions to get quickly, almost effortlessly to the source of the drama and know what I need to do to move through or transcend it. 

I appreciate Matheo’s inclusive, centered, and practical approach to life-dramas, which in no way takes away from the magic and mystique of my personal journey. As I listen and embrace his guidance, he at once becomes a friend, coach, mentor and healer. I thank the powers that be for being led to his work.”

Thea Khama - Botswana

"I participated in an event, where Mateo had a presentation. He is an authentic and passionate motivator who empowers and engages people, devoting his life to a higher purpose. Influenced by that speech, I joined "Know Yourself". I watched the webinars with great interest and was able to re-connect to my true self. I got clarity, raised my awareness and became more present. 

I started expressing my natural confidence, understanding my emotions better and listening to my intuition for guidance. I realized that I had limiting beliefs, which were blocking me from moving forward. I learned to let go and focus on positivity, practise self love and maintain inner peace. It was a process which started some time ago and progressed in a positive direction. I am thankful and grateful for the valuable information and insights."

Dobromira Peteva - Bulgeria

“For me the most important benefit of following the Know Yourself lessons, has been becoming much more aware of my own “inner compass”, which I would describe as a deep-rooted, intuitive knowledge of what the best course of action is for me at any given moment.

By practicing trust and following this inner compass, I have been able to increase my own self-trust and to reduce doubts in the choices I make in life. At the same time, I also became more aware that the “outer compass” - or the external circumstances in my life - can be a powerful ally in this process of increasing self-trust as well.

In particular when things don’t go my way, I have been able to re-frame these negative messages from the outer compass as a reminder to give more attention to the inner compass and ask myself which messages I should be giving more attention and trust to. In this way, negative circumstances lose their power and stop being a reason for victimization and instead become a potential source of exploration and (inner) growth.

Matheos’ delivery of these insights and his support in applying them in practice, strikes me as coming from he himself absolutely getting and living these principles in his own daily life. This is very inspiring and makes following the lessons a simple, clear and enjoyable experience.”

Jose Gomes - Belgium

“I had the great pleasure of working with Matheo over multiple occasions and cannot emphasise enough the value that I got from each of our mentorship or coaching sessions. I am a big fan of his encouragement to really get to know yourself as an absolute foundation, or starting point if you will, for anything else in life, be it relationships or business success. I highly recommend each of Matheo’s programs for his immense wisdom and practical insights for your ultimate success and happiness.

Danguole Litvinskaite - MBA - The Netherlands

“The Know Yourself lessons helped me to judge myself less. I am able to look at my feelings, thoughts and circumstances as feedback mechanisms. Know Yourself shows me to honour what is. It is transforming in the purest way. Not pretending to be someone else. Not making it more nice than it is. Truly embracing the benefit in everything we/ I judge. Seeing that nobody is responsible over me except myself. It's a true gift to feel I should just be me. ❤”

Loes Pijnenburg – The Netherlands

“Dear Matheo, Thank you so much for this amazing information, I am so grateful to get to the point that I can see the whole picture of life and beyond. It makes total sense to me, and the way you explain it is powerful and gettable. I wish that the world would get the collective insight to SERVE.

Carolien van der Kaaden - The Netherlands

Get to know the hidden dynamics that affect your life

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Do Nothing

You could decide not to purchase the Know Yourself Trainings and keep trying to get results with what you’re doing right now. 

The problem is, you can’t expect to get a different result by doing the same things. What you CAN expect is more of the same …

  • Doubt
  • Uncertainty
  • Self-blame
  • Feeling unfulfilled
  • Struggling with decisions
  • Feeling like you have no control over your own life

Take Action

Or you could take action now and dive into the Know Yourself Teachings. You’ll learn how to identify your Inner Guidance System so you can start ...

  • Understanding how life works
  • Making progress and taking control of your own life and decisions 
  • Identifying your triggers and dealing with them in a healthy way
  • Breaking old, generational belief and behavior patterns
  • And so much more!

Who Is This Offer For?

This offer is perfect for you if you can check any of the following boxes:

  • You have done some or a lot of personal development, practices or spiritual work but you still feel like something hasn’t “clicked” yet.
  • You find your current practices are not working for you anymore and you feel stuck and confused. 
  • You experience recycled patterns or repeat behaviours from other people that you thought you had dealt with, and nothing you do makes a difference. You keep attracting the same or similar experiences.
  • You are looking for something to take your personal development work or spiritual practices to the next level.
  • You are ready to accept greater responsibility for your life, stop following others and start to listen to your own inner guidance system. 
  • You feel you should be experiencing greater fulfillment in life but are not. 

But not if …

  • You are looking for another guru to follow but don’t actually plan on doing anything they suggest. 
  • You are not ready to accept greater responsibility for your life. 
  • You are looking for quick fixes to all your problems. 

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It is important for me that my work brings you value for your investment. That’s why I offer a risk-free 30-day guarantee. Enjoy the lessons for 30 days. If you feel you do not receive the value promised, request a full refund and I will gladly provide. I want people that use my work to say "thank you". If you can't find yourself saying "thank you" for this product, please request a refund.