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How do you know which choices in life are right for you?


How do you know what decisions are true for you?


How do you ensure you choose the right relationship partner?


How do you find work that will truly fulfill you?

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The Know Yourself Teachings

You Will Learn:

What the inner guidance system is, how it works and how to use it to guide your life

​Some subtle truths about thoughts, emotions and beliefs and why most people are misguided.

Understand how beliefs are formed and how they influence your decisions, actions and results.

​​The danger of using positive thinking approaches and what to do instead.

How generational family patterns influence our life and how to transform them

Why most people don't transform and what you can do about it

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We have not been given a manual for life and as a result, most of us are left lost, confused and frustrated trying to figure it all out.

Most people blame themselves for getting things wrong but it is truly not your fault.

- Parents didn't know better

- The school system was created for different purposes than what we need now.

- Most of the self-help tools out there are based on incomplete information or outdated models which leaves us doubting ourself when things don't work.

- How do you know what is true and right for you?

- How do you make the right choices for your life?

The Know Yourself teachings are here to fill the gap for you.

I was frustrated not having the right information based on sound principles.

I wanted to Know the inner workings about life and I set out to find it.

After 10 years of diving into principles and teachings that have stood the test of time, I put everything I learned into these teachings.

Many people find themselves confused and misguided about how life works and how to live life with meaning and fulfilment.

Much of the information out there was either not practical enough, didn't make sense or the concepts were confusing or far fetched.

I put together this information in a set of teachings to better understand how life works in a simple, easy and affordable way.

I will not only share the basic fundumentals but also some of the hidden mechanics that influence our everyday actions and decisions.



Get The Know Yourself Teachings

The Know Yourself Lessons are designed to teach you about the various variables that influence your life so that you begin to have power over your own life.

The variables having the biggest influence over our life are hidden to us and we need to look deeply into ourselves to find them.

Once you discover what they are and how they influence you, you can begin to have power over the decisions, choices and actions over your own life instead of being run by these hidden variables without your permission.

My ultimate goal is to connect you to your own Inner Guidance system so that you learn to guide your life by what is true for you and to give you power over your life so that YOU are the decision maker and person with ultimate responsibility over your life.


Formally trained as a Chartered Accountant, Matheo spent an immense amount of time learning and studying various disciplines in healing and human potential. He has immersed himself in diverse personal development programmes some of which he now facilitates.

He has trained over 200 consciousness coaches, has personally mentored over 30 coaches and has also trained and examined high performance transformational trainers and teams in Europe and South Africa.

He is currently writing a book on how to increase self-worth and transform feelings of unworthiness.

Matheo is taking the personal development industry to a whole new level by supporting people to find what he calls ‘your transformational why’ – the one thing that usually prevents people from getting unstuck and achieving their desires.

Lesson 1: Your Inner Guidance System

  • What your inner guidance system is and how it works
  • How to use your thoughts and emotions to manifest your true desires
  • How to develop an unquestionable intuition
  • How to deal with negative thoughts and emotions
  • The danger of using positive thinking and what to do instead
  • How to deal with uncomfortable emotions even if you find it difficult to feel emotions.
  • A practical step-by-step process to connect to your inner guidance system
  • How to make decisions using your inner guidance system

Lesson 2: Your Outer Guidance System

  • What happens when you don’t guide your life by your own inner guidance system
  • What your external guidance system is and how it works
  • How you can take control over your life and not be influenced by other people
  • An exercised that Socrates offered to his students to connect with nature.
  • 3-step process on How to deal with reactions from the outside world.
  • The 1 principle that Nelson Mandela embraced to rise above and become a leader
  • What questions you can ask yourself to raise your level of power and influence in the world.

Lesson 3: Your Beliefs

  • The nature of thoughts and how they operate

  • A deep dive into understanding beliefs like you have never heard before. (tip: You need to find the belief behind the belief that you are aware of)

  • How beliefs compound and why it is so difficult to transform belief systems

  • The #1 thing you can do to transform beliefs

  • Understanding the mechanism responsible for having recycled problems (most people have recycled problems and don't know that there is a way out)

  • A method you can use to let go of past beliefs that originate from your parents

  • Why self-love exercises and practices don’t work! (based on a real client case study)

  • How resolving your own beliefs systems can support you to empower the belief systems of your children.

Lesson 4: Family Systems

  • The hidden order inside family systems

  • How to avoid creating disturbances in your family system that can last for generations

  • What causes you to live unsupportive and destructive family patterns instead of LIVING YOUR OWN LIFE.

  • The reason why children take on the burdens of their parents and create confusion in their lives..

  • The consequences of denying your family lineage and how it affects your purpose. (You might be doing this without even knowing it!)

  • How to receive positive momentum from your family so that you can fulfill your purpose

  • What to do in order to pass on healthy DNA to your children and to prevent destructive DNA being passed to your children.

Bonus Module: Levels of Consciousness

  • Understand the level of consciousness you are on and what traits you need on that level

  • The levels of consciousness many people get stuck in and how to transcend them

  • Why we have limited free will when we live on a level of survival and how to breakthrough this belief level

  • The trap that most self-development programs cause you to limit your progress

  • How your belief systems cause you to know yourself in the wrong way and the only way out of it

  • What it means to Know Yourself on the level of your Essence and how to make it happen

  • The important stages of Personal development that are missed by most personal development programs

  • The process of transforming LEAD into GOLD in personal transformation

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