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A manual for life - Introduction

Jul 05, 2021

Welcome to the first episode of the Know Yourself podcast.

We were never given a manual of how life works or how we work as human beings. As a result, at least in my life, maybe yours too, I didn’t understand why certain things happen. Why did I make the wrong relationship choices? How did I create financial challenges for myself? What caused me to have unwanted emotions? Why do I have negative thinking even though I don’t want to have those thoughts? How did certain health ailments occur? Why did I feel like I didn’t fit in with certain friends or social circles? Why did people die early in my family?




00:00 Introduction The big why's 01:18 The big questions of life 02:00 The answers are not one size fits all 03:05 How we create feelings of worthlessness and lower our self worth 04:03 Know yourself through principles that stand the test of time 04:50 whatever the improvement you are looking for the same principles apply


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